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The best 6 Day Weismann’s Peak in Uganda

6 Day Weismann’s Peak Overview

At 4,620m Weismann’s Peak is the most challenging in the Rwenzori Ranges but also the most satisfying. This trek will take you 6 days, and passes through some of the most stunning ranges of the Rwenzori Mountains. We advise that the best times to undertake this trek activities is between Mid-December and the end of February or between June and the end of July.

6 Day Weismann’s Peak Itinerary

DAY 1: Nyakalengija (1648m) to Nyabitaba Hut (2651m)

Begin the day by approaching the Trek Rwenzori Tours head offices in the evening or early in the morning in order to check hiking equipment and arrange for guides, chefs, porters, etc. if required.

The trek starts from the park gate at 1646m and continues to Nyabitaba, a distance of 7km taking 4-5 hours with an ascent of 1200 meters. The trail at the beginning goes through small villages and fields progressing through bamboo and dense bushes of high elephant grass. You will climb over the bluffs crossing the River Mahoma before ascending steeply into Nyabitaba. Certain animals may be spotted such as the Black and White Colobus monkey, the Three-horned Chameleon and the Rwenzori Turaco birds.

Overnight at Nyabitaba Camp.

DAY 2: Nyabitaba Camp (2651m) to Guy Yeoman Camp (3505m)

From Nyabitaba camp the trail takes you to a junction that connects the anti-clockwise route to the clockwise route. We will take the clockwise route which will take you through the bamboo forest to the Kichuchu bridge.

After crossing the bridge the trail takes you through the heather/rupenia zone until reaching the Kichuchu Rock where the trail again steeply ascends to Guyeoman Camp for dinner and an overnight rest.

DAY 3: Guy Yeoman Camp (3505m) to Kitandara Lakes Camp (4023m)

From Guy Yeoman Camp the trail takes you to Bujongolo rock-shelter – a cultural rock that acted as a rock-shelter for the Duke of Abruzzi in 1906.

After the rock-shelter the trail ascends slowly through the fresh field pass down to Kitandara Lakes Camp for dinner and an overnight rest.

DAY 4: Kitandara Lakes Camp (4023m) to Weismann’ss Peak (4620m)

The trail takes you through the afro Alpine zone and certain animals may be sighted here like the Rwenzori Red Mountain Duiker and Rock Hyraxes.

This trail takes you to the top of Weismans Peak at 4843m after which you will return to Kitandara Lakes Camp for dinner and an overnight rest.

DAY 5: Kitandara Lakes Camp to Guy Yeoman Camp for dinner and an overnight rest.

After breakfast, your guides will lead you down to Guy Yeoman using the same trail that brought you up and you will have lunch en route before arriving back at Guy Yeoman Camp for dinner and an overnight rest.

DAY 6: Guy Yeoman Camp to Nyabitaba for lunch and continue down to the offices for pick up.


1 day bag (small bag big enough to carry your packed lunch, rain gear, drinking water, and camera)

1 sleeping bag

1 pair of snow glasses

Walking sticks

Rubber boots/gum boots (for mud)


First Aid Kit:

Stomach medicine

Headache medicine

1 elastic bandage, Elastoplasts

Water purification tablets


For summit climbers:

1 ice axe

2 harnesses

3 pair of crampons

4 sleeping bag

5 climbing rope


Sturdy, waterproof hiking boots

Several pairs of woolen socks

Trekking trousers

Warm layers

Woolen gap, gloves

A torch/headlamp and batteries

1 backpacking backpack (porter will carry)

1 pair of jogging shoes

1 sun hat


Leggings up to the knee (Gaiters)

Rain jacket and rain-proof trousers

Photo equipment

Pocket knife

Vitamin C tablets

Altitude sickness medication

Sun lotion

Lip ointment

Vitamin C tablets

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