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The best 7 days Kilimanjaro climb via Umbwe route

The 7-day Kilimanjaro climb via the Umbwe route offers a challenging and exhilarating adventure to the summit of Africa’s highest peak and the world’s tallest free-standing mountain at 5,895 meters. Known for its steep and demanding terrain, the Umbwe route provides a thrilling experience for experienced climbers seeking a more remote and less crowded path. Over the course of the 7 days trek, climbers will navigate through dense rainforests, scramble over rocky sections, and traverse the breathtaking Barranco Wall. As the journey progresses, the landscape transitions to alpine desert, leading to the final push to Uhuru Peak, 19,341 feet above sea level. With awe-inspiring views, diverse ecosystems, and the ultimate sense of accomplishment, the 7 days Umbwe route promises an unforgettable and rewarding Kilimanjaro expedition.

The best 7 days Kilimanjaro Umbwe route price

The best price for the best 7 days Kilimanjaro climbing via Umbwe route is from $1600 to $3000 per climber that enables you to successful summit at 5,895 meters Kilimanjaro and descending back. This 7-day Kilimanjaro Umbwe route price include the mountain accommodation fees, park fees, and rescue fees. The prices and fees are paid in Dollars, Euros, Pounds, and Tanzania Shillings.

The best 7 days Kilimanjaro climbing via Umbwe route success rate

The best successful summit rate for climbing Mount Kilimanjaro via Umbwe route is from 70% to 75% reaching at 5,895-meter peak and safely descending back from the mountain. This summit rate is reached by experienced hikers with the best ability to adapt to higher altitude quickly since the Umbwe route is very steep and very demanding terrain.

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The best full detailed itinerary for 7 days Kilimanjaro climbing via Umbwe route: Day 1: Umbwe Gate (5,905ft / 1,800m) to Umbwe Camp (9,190ft / 2,800m) | 5-7 hours | 8 km; Day 2: Umbwe Camp (9,190ft / 2,800m) to Barranco Camp (12,800ft / 3,900m) | 4-5 hours | 8 km; Day 3: Barranco Camp Acclimatization; Day 4: Barranco Camp (12,960ft / 3,950m) to Karanga Camp (13,780ft / 4,200m) | 4 hours | 7 km; Day 5: Karanga Camp (13,780ft / 4,200m) to Barafu Camp (14,930ft / 4,550m) | 3-4 hours | 5 km; Day 6: Barafu Camp (14,930ft / 4,550m) to Uhuru Peak (19,341ft / 5,895m) to Mweka Camp (10,170ft/ 3,100m) | 8 hours up, 9-10 hours down | 7 km up and 22 km down; Day 7: Mweka Camp (10,170ft / 3,100m) to Mweka Gate (6,500ft / 1,980m) | 3-4 hours | 10km.

Elevations: 5,905ft / 1,800m to 9,190ft / 2,800m Hiking time: 5-7 hours Hiking distance: 8 km The adventure begins at the Umbwe Gate, located on the southern side of Mount Kilimanjaro. After completing registration and getting necessary permits, the trek commences through the lush rainforest. The trail gradually ascends, becoming steeper as you progress. The day's hike concludes at Umbwe Camp, nestled in the dense vegetation, where you'll rest and prepare for the next day's journey.
Elevations: 9,190ft / 2,800m to 12,800ft / 3,900m Hiking time: 4-5 hours Hiking distance: 8 km Departing from Umbwe Camp, the trail becomes more challenging as it winds its way through the moorland. Prepare for steep sections and rocky terrain, as the path leads you towards the renowned Barranco Camp. Along the way, enjoy stunning views of the surrounding landscapes. Upon reaching Barranco Camp, situated in the valley beneath the imposing Barranco Wall, you'll spend the night and catch your breath.
This day is dedicated to acclimatization at Barranco Camp, an essential step for a successful climb. You can explore the area, take short hikes to higher altitudes, and enjoy the breathtaking scenery. Acclimatization aids your body in adjusting to the high altitude, reducing the risk of altitude sickness.
Elevations: 12,960ft / 3,950m to 13,780ft / 4,200m Hiking time: 4 hours Hiking distance: 7 km Leaving Barranco Camp, the route continues upwards, navigating the challenging Barranco Wall. Although it may seem intimidating, with the assistance of your experienced guides and proper equipment, you'll safely make your way to the top. After conquering the wall, the path descends into the Karanga Valley, where Karanga Camp awaits. This picturesque campsite is nestled on a ridge, offering panoramic views of the surroundings.
Elevations: 13,780ft / 4,200m to 14,930ft / 4,550m Hiking time: 3-4 hours Hiking distance: 5 km From Karanga Camp, the journey advances through barren landscapes, as the trail ascends towards Barafu Camp. The terrain becomes more rugged, and the air thinner as you approach the high camp. Upon reaching Barafu Camp, you'll rest and prepare for the final push to the summit.
Elevations: 14,930ft / 4,550m to 19,341ft / 5,895m to 10,170ft/ 3,100m Hiking time: 8 hours up, 9-10 hours down Hiking distance: 7 km up and 22 km down In the early hours, you'll begin the challenging trek to Uhuru Peak, the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro. The ascent is demanding and steep, requiring determination and perseverance. As you ascend, you'll witness the sunrise illuminating the vast African plains below, creating an awe-inspiring spectacle. Finally, you'll reach Uhuru Peak, standing proudly at the top of Africa. After celebrating this remarkable achievement, you'll descend to Mweka Camp, where you'll spend the night.
Elevations: 10,170ft / 3,100m to 6,500ft / 1,980m Hiking time: 3-4 hours Hiking distance: 10km The final leg of the journey takes you from Mweka Camp to Mweka Gate. The descent traverses through the lush rainforest, providing a welcome change in scenery. Upon reaching Mweka Gate, you'll receive certificates of accomplishment and have the chance to celebrate your successful Kilimanjaro climb. From there, you'll bid farewell to the mountain and be transported back to your accommodations in Moshi or Arusha.

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